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INSTAT provides unique methodologies to significantly enhance the innovation potential of new technologies and systems.

About Us

Since 2002, INSTAT S.A. has designed some of the largest and most important projects in Greece and abroad, some of them being: the first incremental launched highway bridges (including a world-record for the thinnest incremental launched highway bridge for a span of 58,5 m), the first railway bridge in Greece constructed using the incremental-launched method, Panthessalikon Stadium (the canopy was designed and constructed with instructions from INSTAT S.A. due to lack of standards to follow), the first ballast less railway slab tracks in Greece (the design of the Bögl precast ballastless slab track without prestressing is a world wide first), first applications of the ‘Odysseus Bow’ method (precast construction method) design, underwater concrete pile construction for the jetty at Flisvos Marina.